The Show

From heartache to empowerment.

From impulsive to controlled.

From frailty to independency.



The 5 times by the German Rock & Pop Price awarded singer and songwriter Alina Sebastian developed by influences from pop and country music her own, unique style.


Soft ballads on the piano, catchy melodies on the guitar or powerful on the bass - alone or with her band in the back - not only the songwriting, also the shows are varied and full of energy.



Effervescent enjoyment of life but also tragedy and painfulness is what the singer expresses with her individual timbre in her voice. Sometimes shy, sensitiv, almost as breathed, then again bright or powerful urgently." - (Lokalplus NRW)


Don't touch me

Corona-Country mit Rock-Allüren

After the current Corona situation killed all their plans of gigs, the musicians can't stop with their music and decide to present the current situation in a song in March 2020.

While the rock guitar pumps and the Drums are kicking, Alina Sebastian's vocals give the Song the Country flavor that makes the song point out between all he other corona songs.

Only with their computers at home recorded and produced, "Don't touch me" is born while none of the musicians were in the same room.

The Song is available for streaming and download.


Die Live-EP

Moments are yours

Die Acoustic-EP

Live full band

Live as a duo

starting at minute 9.30